Now stocked in Tiny Gallery, Henley.

Our Story

"They're not to be used, they're just for show!" 

Who hasn't heard those words from their partner?  That was the inspiration for AC-Scent. I wondered what the point was in having quality candles if they couldn't be enjoyed? So that's our mission, our passion. To produce beautiful candles with brand name quality, without brand name prices.

The following week our first delivery of wax arrived and we started to make candles.
Except we didn't! What we hoped would be candles turned out to be lumps of wax that burned for a few hours and burned badly. Over the coming months we researched, experimented, tested, tested and tested again. We don't believe in half measures, do something well or don't do it at all. Almost 30 years working in an industry that demands perfection and attention to detail means that we won't accept second best. That same philosophy shines through in the candles we now create. We are passionate and proud about our product and believe that our candles are the perfect gift for your loved ones, your friends and for you!


Candles To Be Enjoyed Not Just Looked At